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Power94 will deliver top of the line
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friendliness, warmth and fun!

Choosing the Right DJ for YOU

At Power94, we encourage our clients to be informed while shopping for their event and wedding DJ.
You should always ask about these important factors.

We Always guarantee superior customer care with a touch of friendliness, warmth and fun!

Personalized interview

Many successful events are the result of good planning. Every function has unique style and character, and rightfully so. While one client might prefer lively dance music with a very interactive DJ, while another might choose a slower more relaxed mix of music with no DJ involvement. This is why Smooth Entertainment will meet personally with each and every client at to determine music tastes, agenda and formalities.

speaker size matters

The quality of equipment used for your special event has a direct impact on the success of your day. It provides your guests the willingness to dance and ability to hear clear and precise announcements. Smaller sounding speakers are not able to deliver high quality sound for your ceremony, introductions, announcements and toasts. It will cause the crowd to lose interest. What you want for true superior sound are crisp highs, tight midrange with clear bass. Smooth Entertainment uses the finest professional grade speakers that are currently on the market. This ensures an enjoyable volume level for all guests throughout the event’s entirety.

volume control

Our MC/DJs are trained to periodically check on sound comfort levels from the client as well as all guests. This ensures an enjoyable volume level for all guests throughout the event’s entirety. Volume will always fluctuate throughout the appropriate times of the evening. Music will be played at a softer volume during cocktails and dinner, but when its dance time…we will TURN IT UP!!!

extensive music collection

Smooth Entertainment holds an extensive selection of music suitable for all age groups and tastes. Other DJ companies may boast a massive music collection, but “hearing is believing”. Since the days of records and even CD’s, nothing sounds like it does on digital format. Smooth Entertainment has a music collection that rivals any large radio station in the country. Our music range’s from Lounge and Indie Rock to Oldies, Classic Rock, Top 40. The latest Top 40 hits are played from the ninety’s to the present in EDM format. The songs we provide no matter how new or old they are, we certainly add a touch of thump.

liability insurance

Accidents are rare, but do happen. Liability insurance is also required by a majority of vendors that host multi type of events at their facility. Be sure to ask the DJ service you interview if they are covered!

no hidden costs

Companies with complicated pricing plans should be reviewed with caution. Charges for system set-up, extra music, microphones, speakers, light show, etc… are examples of this. All clientele receive the same high quality equipment and service at the same competitive price. Our clientele should be able to depend on their entertainment service for a successful evening of fun and dance with their guests for a simple, easy price. Smooth Entertainment has no such hidden costs or charges.

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